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A refreshed look for the CBCS

Our new corporate identity

A new corporate image marks the transition taking shape at the Centrale Bank van Curaçao en Sint Maarten. A transition from being a conservative central bank to a modern and open organization.

Our new corporate image and logo have been developed around the vision that we want to be known for—being a determined, digitized, and sustainable central bank.

Our new logo gives us a fresh look. The wordmark and logo are purposefully centered, with the countries Curaçao and Sint Maarten linked by an ampersand - reflecting the equal status of both countries within the organization.

The logo consists of a yellow-colored core, which is framed and protected by two larger identical shapes. Its robustness conveys the CBCS’s main task: ensuring the stability, integrity, and security of the monetary and financial system. A thin line encases the entire logo, adding lightness to the robust design and symbolizing the key goal of accessibility. It affirms our aim to make our communications more accessible for everyone.

In designing our new corporate identity, special attention was given to one of our core values—sustainability. We will reduce printing, and the emphasis will be on using digital solutions.

Last updated: 22.03.2022 09:03