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Strategic Plan CBCS 2018-2020

For the development of our Strategic Plan 2018-2020, we started with analyzing the trends and developments - both internationally and locally - that could impact the functioning of the Bank in the future. Hereafter we analyzed our strengths and weaknesses and the opportunities and threats we are faced with.

With all the information gathered, we developed a proposed new Vision, Mission, Core Values and Strategic objectives. 

With this new Strategic Plan, we are working towards a new image for the CBCS. We want to change from a closed and bureaucratic central bank to an innovative, open and transparent organization.

Our Strategic Plan 2018-2020 can be broken down into three focus areas and 14 strategic objectives.

The three focus areas are: 

  1. Monetary stability of Curaçao and Sint Maarten: main task as anchored in the statute.
  2. A stable and competitive financial sector: ‘competitive’ is the new focus.
  3. A Central Bank with a customer-friendly and innovative organization: completely new focus based on internal transformation.

The 14 strategic objectives are:

  1. To guarantee monetary stability by maintaining the value of the currency.
  2. To promote sustainable socio-economic growth in a dynamic environment.
  3. To have up-to-date supervisory frameworks, financial regulation and legislation in place.
  4. To guarantee effective and efficient supervision of the financial sector and maintain financial stability.
  5. To be a strategic partner who advises on the stability and competitive position of the financial sector and who stimulates growth.
  6. To have a clear vision on FinTech companies with new technology-driven financial products and services.
  7. To introduce a new currency for Curaçao and Sint Maarten.
  8. To have in place an efficient, reliable and accessible payment system for everyone.
  9. To implement an organizational redesign, including functions and processes that correspond with the ambitions and transformation of the CBCS.
  10. To implement a decisive and efficient business management and strengthening of the execution of the core business, supported by a modern IT-infrastructure.
  11. To implement a customer-friendly and innovative organization culture and a new image.
  12. To achieve the transformation of the CBCS through leadership with a new “tone at the top”.
  13. To strengthen the HR organization to support the transformation management.

Our Strategic Plan 2018-2020 is available in Dutch


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