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Corporate Social Responsibility

The Centrale Bank van Curaçao en Sint Maarten regards corporate social responsibility as contributing towards sustainable development by delivering financial, economic, social and environmental benefits for all stakeholders.

Donations & sponsoring

As part of our commitment to the community, we provide donations to events & fundraisers of non-profit organizations.

In order to be considered for a donation, you must comply with the following guidelines:

  1. Requests must be completed and submitted at least 30 days prior to your event.
  2. The organization must be registered at the Curaçao or Sint Maarten Chamber of Commerce.
  3. Organizations must be non-profit.
  4. Request should include the official name of the organization, name of the president or managing director, address, phone number, email address, bank account details, budget, and a clear description of the event or cause.
  5. Organizations requesting assistance may not, for any reason, discriminate against race, color, religion, creed, age, gender, national origin, sexual orientation, marital status, disability, or any other legally protected class. Donations will not be made directly to religious or political organizations.

The CBCS heartwarmingly welcomes donation requests that aid objectives such as:

- Development youth in the area of sport & talent
- Education
- Innovation & sustainability
- Community wellness
- Economic improvement

To be considered for a sponsorship, the request should comply with the donation request guidelines as stated above and include a proposal for the return on investment or (public) exposure.

Kindly submit your donation or sponsoring request to info@centralbank.cw.

Please note that submitting an application does not guarantee a donation.

Requests are generally processed in 3 weeks.


Over the course of years, the CBCS has built a collection of local art through purchases and donations. The CBCS’s policy to acquire art from artists of the countries Curaçao and Sint Maarten is part of its ongoing policy to support local artists.

The CBCS’s own art collection comprises more than 260 pieces. This art is displayed in the offices of the CBCS in Curaçao and Sint Maarten. 

For an overview of the CBCS collection visit our Art-website



Last updated: 22.03.2022 09:03