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Mission & Vision


“ To promote and monitor the stability and integrity of the monetary and financial system, and the safety and accessibility of payment transactions, so as to enable sustainable economic development in Curaçao and Sint Maarten.”

The CBCS is an independent administrative agency with an autonomous position within the Kingdom, established in the countries of the monetary union of Curaçao and Sint Maarten. Our mission is largely dictated by our mandate as laid down in the Central Bank Statute of 2010 (Centrale Bank­statuut 2010). This vision reflects the key role that the CBCS plays in safeguarding financial stability and ensuring the adequate functioning of the financial system, in the interest of the public and the economies of Curaça­o and Sint Maarten.


“ CBCS 2025: Determined, Digitized, Sustainable.”

Our vision serves as a guide to the future that we aspire to for the CBCS. Our goal is to carry out our tasks in a decisive, digitized and sustainable manner. To achieve this, we continuously assess our behavior against this vision.


We closely follow relevant developments that may affect the stability of the economy and the financial sector. We are alert to current issues and act on them in a timely manner. In the performance of our core tasks and the realization of our strategic ambitions, we act decisively.


Whatever we do in the performance of our tasks, we ask ourselves whether it could also be accomplished digitally. We optimally leverage the opportunities offered by digitization for the sake of efficiency, flexibility and innovation. As the Central Bank, we play a driving role in the financial sector’s approach to digitization.


We make our own business operations more sustainable, thereby setting an example of corporate social responsibility. Our policy is aimed at increasing the financial sector’s resilience and sustainability.

Core values

Our organization's core values are a reflection of our convictions. They constitute the basic components of the organization’s culture and serve as guiding principles for our fellow staff members’ daily conduct and the way in which we carry out our tasks.

Core values build internal cohesion and shape an organization’s image to the outside world.

We want our core values to convey the CBCS’s commitment to integrity and independence, as supported by its staff. We contribute to the community through professional expertise aimed at strengthening the economic resilience of the Countries, with a view to sustainability. Our determination stems from a proactive mindset and intense collaboration.

Our core values are: Integrity, Expertise, Collaboration, Dynamism and Sustainability

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