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Hurricane preparedness

Do a quick insurance coverage check.

Financial resilience is only possible when you prepare for the unexpected. Do a quick insurance coverage check.

Insure your personal property.

Whether you rent or own, you should make sure your personal properties are covered. Inquire at your broker or insurance company about possible coverage, limits, deductibles and exclusions.

Appraise your big-ticket items.

If you’ve recently put in a new kitchen or bathroom, or performed a major extension, your existing coverage may no longer be enough. Appraise your property and adjust your insurance coverage accordingly.

Inquire about possible coverage exclusions.

There’s more to insurance than the amount you’re insured for. Ask your broker or insurance company what you are covered for and inquire about possible exclusions, limits and deductibles. Make sure you know exactly what you’re covered for.

Don't fall short with your home insurance coverage.

Under-Insurance happens when the amount you have your home insured for isn’t enough to cover the cost to repair or rebuild it. Consider getting an appraisal to check if the reconstruction value of your property is the same as your sum insured.

Make sure your property insurance is up to date.

Check the expiration date of your property insurance policy to avoid any unpleasant surprises when disaster strikes. Also make sure your premium is paid in full. We advise to keep your documents in a safe place.

Last updated: 15.05.2024 11:05