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Supervision Publications

Supervision Brochures

The CBCS will be implementing changes in its supervisory approach the coming years. The main adjustments are aimed at producing a more focused and intrusive style of supervision, to bring deficient institutions back into compliance as quickly as possible, minimizing any negative impact on individual customers and society as a whole. Read all about our new style of supervision in our brochure, which is available in three languages.

Supervision Newsletter

This newsletter is targeted at the supervised institutions and other stakeholders with a professional interest in supervisory regulation and supervision. It provides information about upcoming regulations, planned surveys, thematic investigations, and generic supervisory outcomes, as part of our new style of supervision.

Supervisory Policies

This document covers the full range of enforcement instruments the CBCS has at its disposal and explains the principles and factors that guide the CBCS in deciding how to utilize them to achieve compliance with the standards set forth in the supervisory legislation and the regulations based thereon.

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