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Webinar: Financial Literacy and Entrepreneurship - Student Edition

The CBCS and the University of Curaçao are organizing a webinar that will be held on Tuesday, November 26, at 10 AM (GMT-4).

This webinar is held in relation to CBCS’s Financial Education Month (CFEM). The goal of this month is to discuss money matters as broadly as possible with a special focus on the financial resilience of the community. In addition, attention is paid to the role and importance of the CBCS for the financial system and the community.

The purpose of this webinar is to promote research discussions among bachelor, master, and PhD students all over the world. The webinar will feature presentations by the following students:

- Jordan Lourens

Bachelor student in Business and Economics, University of Curaçao

Topic: New Artist, Who Dis? New Business Models for the Music Industry in Curaçao

- Oscar Galeano

Master student in Business Management, University of Curaçao

Topic: What is the Relationship between Unemployment and Entrepreneurial Activity?

- Jasmira Wiersma

PhD student, Rijksuniversiteit Groningen and Sonoro Community (former student of University of Curaçao)

Topic: Building Sustainable Businesses: The Importance of Financial Literacy for Entrepreneurs

The moderator for the event will be Shekinah Dare (CBCS).

Guidelines For Participants

•     Log in using the WebEx platform WEB version.

•     Select “communicate via my computer”.

•     Select the “grid view” (you can see all panellists at once).

•     Ask general questions (for example regarding audio/connection) via the general chat box.

•     Ask questions aimed at panellists via the Q&A box.

How To Join The Webinar:

1.       Click the “Register” button below.

2.       You will be taken to a screen to register your attendance.

3.       Following you will receive an email with a link to join the webinar.


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