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Stakeholders Survey

Stakeholders Survey 2022

In the period of November - December 2022, the CBCS repeated its online stakeholders survey among a broad spectrum of its stakeholders to measure if the efforts to improve relations with the stakeholders in response to the 2020 survey, have been successful. A total of 171 respondents participated in this survey.
The report is available for download here.

Stakeholders Survey 2020

In the period of November - December 2020, an online stakeholders survey was conducted among a broad spectrum of stakeholders of the CBCS. The aim was to gain more insight into the perceptions and experiences of various stakeholder groups of the CBCS. The survey focused on the experienced contact with the CBCS, the image of the CBCS, the perceived performance of the CBCS, the evaluation of the core tasks of the CBCS and the stakeholders' suggestions for focus and improvements. A total of 243 respondents participated in the survey.

The research report provides descriptive analysis of the results and is available for download here


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