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Fact sheets

By means of fact sheets, CBCS wants to provide the general public with clear and relevant information about financial and economical topics and topics related to CBCS’ core tasks.

Each fact sheet indicates the date on which it was published or updated. Our fact sheets are published in three languages: Dutch, English, and Papiamentu.

  • Money Laundering & Terrorist Financing | December 2023  (NED) (ENG) (PAP)

  • Budget deficit | November 2021  (NED) (ENG) (PAP)

  • Import coverage of the monetary union of Curaçao and Sint Maarten | April 2021  (NED) (ENG) (PAP)

  • The CBCS and its gold reserves | September 2020  (NED) (ENG) (PAP)

  • Gross Domestic Product | September 2020  (NED) (ENG) (PAP)

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