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  • PB2020-026 Reaction to recent media coverage about Ennia (NED) (ENG) (PAP)
  • PB2020-024 Progress on restructuring Ennia (NED) (ENG) (PAP)


  • PB2019-042 Introductory meeting with Mr. Ansary (NED) (ENG) (PAP)
  • PB2019-007 US Court grants ENNIA control of its Merrill Lynch accounts (NED) (ENG) (PAP)
  • PB2019-005 Reactie op mediaberichten ENNIA (NED) (PAP)
  • PB2019-004 Parman with summary proceedings against the CBCS (NED) (ENG) (PAP)


  • PB2018-050 Legal recognition of ENNIA's emergency regulations granted in the US (NED) (ENG) (PAP)
  • PB2018-044 ENNIA meets payment obligation (NED) (ENG) (PAP)
  • PB2018-043 Progress on restructuring ENNIA (NED) (ENG) (PAP)
  • PB2018-041 CBCS and ENNIA seek legal recognition in the U.S. to access American assets of ENNIA (NED) (ENG) (PAP)
  • PB2018-034 incorrect reporting on ENNIA causes unnecessry reputation damage and creates social unrest  (NED) (ENG
  • PB2018-028 Emergency measure Ennia in progress  (NED) (ENG
  • PB2018-027 Emergency measure ENNIA (NED) (ENG)
  • PB2018-022 Publicaties in dagbladen omtrent onder toezicht staande instelling (NED)
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