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PB2021-014 Counterfeit NAf. 100 banknotes in circulation

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Press Release 2021-014

Counterfeit NAf. 100 banknotes in circulation

Willemstad/Philipsburg – The Centrale Bank van Curaçao en Sint Maarten (CBCS) has noted that several counterfeit NAf. 100 banknotes have been detected in circulation. After analyzing the counterfeits, the following features stand out the most:

-The paper that has been used for these fake notes is not special but normal paper, which can be clearly felt.

-The letters N and A fit together accurately on a real banknote. You can see this by holding the note up to the light. With these counterfeit notes, the N and A can be seen without having to hold the note up to the light.

-Real banknotes all have a unique serial number. The examined fakes each had the same serial number. This can, of course, only be detected if one has two or more banknotes.

-The gold-colored foil that is on a real banknote is dark with the counterfeits. This change in color occurs when banknotes are photocopied.

The CBCS asks the public to be alert and to check a banknote, especially 100 guilder notes, before accepting it. If you have serious doubts about the authenticity of a banknote, you are advised to refuse it and contact the police.

More information about the security features of our banknotes can be found on the CBCS website under the tab Education or via https://www.centralbank.cw/education/videos/security-features-of-banknotes.

The CBCS would like to point out that no person and/or institution may accept counterfeit banknotes. Counterfeiting money or knowingly paying with counterfeit money carries a maximum prison sentence of nine years.

Willemstad, August 24, 2021

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