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1st Regional Central Bank Communication Workshop 2023

From September 13 -15, 2023, the CBCS will host the first Regional Central Bank Communication Workshop, titled "Transitioning into the New Era of Central Banking Communications in The Caribbean" at the CBCS in Curaçao. The workshop will be 2.5-day high level peer-to-peer interactive event for communications officials and senior staff members of central banks in the Caribbean region. 

Traditionally, central banks have aimed to build and retain an image of prudent, and thus conservative, institutions. The effectiveness and credibility of their policies relying on maintaining good governance and safeguarding their reputation via openness and active communications, as an expression of their accountability. Over the past few years, however, the role of central banks’ communications has been profoundly changing. The communications function must rapidly adapt and explore new tools and tactics, including a new breed of social media. For any central bank as a public body, this means that they must balance retaining identity of a prudent, responsible institution with changing their image to be perceived less as a dinosaur, and more as an open and accessible authority, keeping up with the times and speaking a language that people can understand.

If you are interested in participating, please contact our Corporate Communications department via CBCS@centralbank.cw. Kindly note that participation is limited to central banks. 

Program & speakers

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