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2nd Session of the Curacao Climate Change Platform

Uniting for a resilient future

On September 28, 2023, the Second Session of the Curaçao Climate Change Platform (CCCP) took place at the CBCS. Presentations were given on different topics such as climate risk in the financial sector, food security, and waste management. Furthermore, technical committees were established with the aim to gather all experts that can give their support to climate action and push forward the work of the CCCP. These TCs will develop recommendations on climate adaptation and mitigation which will then be presented to the government for further decision-making.

Click on the links below for the presentations.

Managing Climate Risk in Banking and Insurance
Richard Doornbosch - Centrale Bank van Curacao en Sint Maarten

Economic Impact of Climate Change
Vanessa Tore - Ministery of Economic Development

Waste Management
John Amarica - Selikor

Klein Curacao and Climate Change
Manfred van Veghel - Klein Curacao Project Team

Technical Commissions
Albert Martis - Chair Curacao Climate Change Platform

Crafting Resilience
Miguel Goede - Scientist

Impact of Flooding and Coastal Inundation
Albert Martis - Meteorological Department Curacao

Food Security
Alvin Daal - Ministry of Economic Development

Floating Windfarm
Ramon Chong - Ministry of Economic Development

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