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First Session of the Climate Change Platform

Climate-related risks that are derived from climate change affect the global financial system. Extreme weather events and their intensity are placing significant stress on financial institutions, societies, and natural systems, and together we must be prepared to -financially- face them.

The First Session of the Curaçao Climate Change Platform was co-hosted by the CBCS on May 10 and 11, 2022, to deepen the awareness on this urgent matter. 

Program May 10, 2022

14:00 Official opening

14:15 Establishment of the Curaçao Climate Change Platform - Mr. Charles Cooper, Minister of Transport, Traffic & Urban Planning

14:30 Keynote Speech: Climate change opportunities for Curaçao - Mr. Richinel Bulbaai, University of Curaçao

15:15 Keynote Speech: Climate change: Implications for the financial sector - Mr. Richard Doornbosch, Centrale Bank van Curaçao en Sint Maarten (Speech) (Slides)

16:30 Climate change industry - Mrs. Jessica Russel-Lucasius, Living Lab Refineria di Korsou

17:00 Objectives of the Curaçao Climate Change Platform - Mr. Albert Martis, Meteorological Department Curaçao

18:00 Network reception

Program May 11, 2022

08:30 Realizing a circular economy through cooperation between education and private sector - Mr. Ivo Kothman, Saxion Hogeschool

09:00 Water management strategy for Curaçao - Mrs. Pédzi Flores-Girigori, Commission for Integrated Water Resource Management Curaçao

09:30 Climate change projects: Programs and Fund Availability - Mrs. Vanessa Toré, Ministery of Economic Development

10:30 Establishment of the Technical Commissions - Mr. Albert Martis & Mrs. Pédzi Flores-Girigori, Meteorological Department Curaçao

12:00 Closing remarks and date Second Session

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